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The exchange went quickly and reliably. Changed at a good rate without registration)

Alexander 04.03.2024 12:50

Fast, reliable!

CaptainMidnight 04.03.2024 12:57

Almost instantly. Everything is super.

BTC > USD 04.03.2024 13:36

Excellent. Fast, at a good rate with a minimum of formalities.

Max 04.03.2024 16:58

everything is clear and fast, I made a small mistake, the support service quickly corrected everything, I will continue to use it, I advise!

сергей 6.8.2022 17:34

everything is ok, quickly exchanged at a very favorable rate

David 6.8.2022 15:37

This exchanger has become for me not just an exchanger, but a partner! Keep it up! I will continue to work with you and recommend to my guys

Andrew 6.8.2022 15:10

Exchanged Monero to Visa Usd. Operatively. I recommend

Gabriel 6.8.2022 11:35

Everything is fast. Well done guys

Sarah 4.8.2022 0:51

These are the coolest guys! ) The exchanger is super. I recommend to everyone

Thx) 3.8.2022 20:56

Thanks. Everything is prompt and clear

Sr.Doctor 30.7.2022 17:43

Everything is simple, clear and fast. Thank you.

Hellen 27.7.2022 14:21

Clear, fast, super comfortable design

Alex 19.7.2022 2:58

I exchanged for a big amount ($ 5000) Everything was exchanged clearly and promptly, I recommend.

Nikomen 10.7.2022 23:43

Came quickly to the bank account, excellent exchanger

Kevin 3.7.2022 22:30

Checked for half an hour, sent 10 minutes. Everything is gone. In general, I'm happy with everything

LoL 3.7.2022 12:54

A clear exchanger, everything is like clockwork.

Alex 2.7.2022 18:38

Changed Monero on the advice of a friend. Everything Passed Successfully. I will change it often :D

boba 2.7.2022 15:11

Only here and any amounts from cryptocurrency to a card! Top exchange!

RichMN 1.7.2022 23:40

The rates in this exchanger are just TOP!

Andrew 1.7.2022 12:8

Everything is fine, the guys are handsome !!!!!!!!!! I recommend

Thebull 30.6.2022 3:5

everything was done quickly and without registration! I'm shocked that it's so simple! Thanks FastCoin!

Paul 29.6.2022 20:9

Thank you very much, I was sitting on the floor waiting for 20 minutes + after confirming the payment for another 10, but as a result, the money came and I am very happy

Zerk 28.6.2022 16:56

Everything is fine, I received money within 5-10 minutes after sending bitcoins

Os21 27.6.2022 4:34

Thank you for your promptness and clarity!

Kapito 27.6.2022 3:22

The second time I take here USDT -> Payeer, fast and clear, good rate.

Hanna 27.6.2022 3:1

Thank you all received, nice to meet you)

coinpro 26.6.2022 2:37

Quite quickly and clearly LTC -> Card

Putta 26.6.2022 2:14

I changed 1 bitcoin here, initially finding out if they could pay me money for it. Support quickly responded, all my fears were dispelled) The payment was received in about 30 minutes

Sami 25.6.2022 11:36

Thank you for the efficiency, fast exchange, and the exchange rate is more profitable than competitors)))

MeteorRed 22.6.2022 13:31

everything came quickly and without problems! Thanks

Bob 21.6.2022 14:48

Everything went well and quickly!

Teona 19.6.2022 3:48

The best exchange! Funds arrived in less than 30 minutes. Keep up the good work, we are with you!!!

Billy Monka 17.6.2022 2:9

I want to express special gratitude to Alexander, a PERSON WITH A CAPITAL LETTER, always punctual, and solves problems at once, I wish you success, stability !!!! I will come back again and again, I recommend!

Hank 16.6.2022 21:20

An excellent exchanger works clearly and quickly. Thank you for your work, develop and success.

Netolog 14.6.2022 0:15

Thanks, it's all done. Ticket ID 62a63ed68bebd637165d9053

Anon 13.6.2022 1:41

Very slow work, while I am waiting for the payment verification, the crypto rate in the bot has changed 3 times. I never waited so long at any exchanger.

Jerry Smith 12.6.2022 22:50

Thank you everything is fine

Grizzly 7.6.2022 15:44

The guys know their business from the teeth, everything is always fast and of high quality, but I just can’t figure it out with the commission, I withdraw $ 2k - the commission is $ 80, and today I’m making $ 2500, and the commission was $ 30, I don’t understand)

Rustero_0 7.6.2022 14:39

The exchanger is top, they work smoothly. Issues are being resolved! The best exchanger!

xixizavr 6.6.2022 23:7

excellent and fast. thank you guys

dualcore 5.6.2022 12:46

Everything is clear-cut. From now on, before the exchange, I will go here first

Vladimir 4.6.2022 14:57

The best customer service I have ever experienced.

VVsor 1.6.2022 0:38

No matter how many times here I always exchanged everything at the highest level!

Choockchookas 31.5.2022 17:39

Everything is clear! only to you)

Suckerbro 29.5.2022 19:42

Everything went great! The consultant is always in touch. Everything is clear! Thank you.

Mary 29.5.2022 15:49

The exchange happened quickly, literally within a couple of minutes.

Losh112 27.5.2022 13:12

Instant translation! I recommend. It turned out cheaper than on binance via p2p.

Katy^_^ 26.5.2022 16:49

Everything is fine, exchanged a good amount

Alexey 26.5.2022 12:35

Great exchanger. All actions went quickly. I recommend

Guljan 26.5.2022 11:40

A little long, but everything is great

Brone 25.5.2022 17:27

The exchange went perfectly, the best rate, very fast, support is ahead of questions, thank you

ivanchello 24.5.2022 7:19


asdasd 21.5.2022 17:48

THX al ok.

Ja-ja 19.4.2022 13:18

Great exchanger!

Stas 13.3.2022 1:34


Daniel 9.2.2022 22:44


Anonymous 6.12.2022 23:15


John 1.12.2022 17:7


Anonymous 30.11.2022 2:1

Thank you guys!

Anna 18.9.2022 15:33


Noname 12.9.2022 23:53

Very nice

taijank 14.5.2022 23:16


kkkkkkk 27.3.2022 16:37


babayka 14.3.2022 2:14


Vasya2211 9.6.2020 16:32

vse super

JJ Abrams 11.5.2020 14:16


Gregory 22.1.2020 22:47


Havy 7.10.2019 12:51

Too fast))

Liza 18.9.2019 23:48

Not bad

Sasha 5.7.2019 15:50

I bet 5!

SergoN 15.5.2019 16:42


fgejfwe2 9.5.2019 19:4